Congratulations to the teams with the best prototypes across West Africa,
Incubation of top 8 teams commences on 5th of September, 2016
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Develop Commercially Viable Solutions

You are not only invited to showcase your skills and implement your disruptive idea but to build a solution capable of yielding a stream of revenue, create jobs and turn you into a fish farming entrepreneur.

Get Seed Funding and Business Incubation

Winning solutions are going to transition into ICT4Ag Start-ups with the help of seed funds from CTA and Business incubation from partnering ICT Hubs. These Start-ups will have the opportunity to pitch before investors who can provide further funding to help them scale up.

Apply Here in AgriHack

Are you a problem solver? A fish farming expert or enthusiast? Do you posses a winning idea which could disrupt the ICT4Ag solution market? CTA is looking for smart youths like you to develop commercially viable solutions to challenges resilient to the fish farming value chain.

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