Be a Stakeholder in AgriHack West Africa

Not long ago, there were just hooks and line. Then came fishing boats and nets. Now we have fishing vessels and water depth finders. No doubts, these developments have revolutionize the way we carry out wild fish farming. But then, these are just harvesting tools, there are still challenges which have remain resilient to the fish farming value chain. More so, the world is fast going digital and mobile solutions are being employed to tackle each and every challenge. In response to this, the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) in partnership with e-triLabs – Cotonou, Woelab – Lome, PIND – Warri and Wennovation Hub - Ibadan through the AgriHack Initiative is seeking to develop sustainable mobile solutions to these challenges in West Africa.

However, a gathering of key players across the fish farming value chain is required to identify these challenges through panel discussions for knowledge sharing. In the light of this, The Agrihack team is calling on all practitioners and academia in the field of aquaculture to rub minds at a stakeholders’ engagement event. See location schedules below;